Jordan River Radio was conceived with the idea of the revolution of radio and new media in mind.

Millennials like us have been dubbed as 'The Lost Generation'. The great recession, wars, corruption and technology has taken its toll on our development, and progress. The year is 2017. Those born between 1980 and 1995 (give or take) are the ones that make the world go round. We are more connected than ever, but ironically we are equally as disconnect. With no broadcast mediums catering to us whatsoever, there are no entities analyzing and sharing millennial culture in a broad sense. In Toronto, our home, there are no mainstream media outlets discussing the issues we face in the millennial community, and the forward-thinking solutions and ideas we have. As a generation, we are not lost, we've simply been suppressed.

The world wants to see us. They want to hear us.

Being from the largest melting pot in the world, we have people of all races, shapes and sizes that embrace one another. We are the city of the future. We share culture, we share ideas, and last but certainly not least, we share music. Of the world class cities, the spotlight is on us. And yet, outside of our walls, we are quiet.  Large corporations have taken over our local radio stations, causing the elimination of locally built, managed and influenced radio stations and content. The power is not in our hands, and the gatekeepers have no intention of handing the keys to us.

So how do we share this with the world? How do they know what's going on here? How long are we going to wander aimlessly in the desert?


The Promised Land is in sight. Jordan River Radio is here to fill the void, and help you cross.

Let's cross together.

Currently in its pilot stage, Jordan River Radio plays music 24/7, ad-free. We know music is the universal language. So that is where we begin. We are not bound by genre. If we play it, it's because you should know it. We have devised a strategy to insert programming at a time where it can be used in the best way to keep you informed of not only the latest music and trends, but community, lifestyle and progress. Content aimed at pleasing audiences between 20-36 years old, the ones who are tech savvy, the ones who are setting the trends, and the backbone of new world as we know it.

With free mobile apps available on the App Store and on Google Play, we are accessible worldwide; finally shining a light into our beautiful city from a perspective that has always been prevalent, yet never acknowledged.

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Are you ready for the revolution? Stay Tuned.


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