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Jordan River Radio was founded with the intent to fill a gap left by radio. Being from a melting pot, we have people of all races, shapes and sizes that embrace one another. We share culture, we share ideas, and last but certainly not least, we share music.

The year is 2017. Millennials, those born between 1980 and now, are the ones that make the world go round. People are more connected we've been before. However, we have no broadcast mediums catering to us whatsoever. We have no stations that discuss the issues affecting the millennial community. We are challenging the status quo. The conversation is changing. We have no media outlets informing creatives, young professionals, and those who have chosen to take the unconventional route to success how to maneuver. 

In addition to this, stations of today have a belief that stations can't play a diverse selection of music. We recently had a rebranding of a cherished Toronto terrestrial radio station done because the name can't co-exist with it's format (which has been changed to adult contemporary). As a result, we've lost our only urban contemporary station, a gap that Jordan River Radio intends to fill. We also believe that a true reflection of this city is one where urban contemporary and contemporary radio can indeed coexist. We play all types of music, provided it's good.  

Currently in its pilot stage, Jordan River Radio plays music 24 hours a day 7 days a week, ad-free. As we gain insight via our analytics and stats, we are devising a strategy to insert programming at a time where it can be used in the best way. Content aimed at pleasing audiences between 18-34 years old, the ones who are tech savvy, the ones who are setting the trends, and the backbone of society as we know it. 


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